Promote, communicate and develop cooperation and dialogue between FinTech companies.
Speak with one voice for the FinTech sector and highlight the significant developments in the FinTech fields and provide pragmatic solutions.
Advocate and represent the interests of its members at the political policy level, in particular in relation to new regulations and sector development.
To educate, inform and communicate by developing a connected FinTech ecosystem, channelling effective and relevant information among members and externally.
Foster innovation among Association members and the Georgia FinTech ecosystem; accelerate development of FinTech companies operating in or entering into Georgia, and their subsequent integration and acceleration into the Georgian FinTech ecosystem.
Represent, align and support common interests by coordinating and catalyzing otherwise individual actions so that the Association can represent the FinTech community.


Over the last few years, financial services have been revolutionised by the introduction of tech based solutions.

Consumers and businesses now have the opportunity to send, access, manage and invest their money at the touch of a button, online. World no longer need to make inconvenient trips to their bank branches to understand their options, or put up with poor customer service and confusing charges to access basic services.

We believe this transformation has only just begun. Access to convenient, secure online financial services should become the norm for all Georgians and a civilized world – and we will work to support this by means of our tech competence.

We believe that FinTech companies can lead the way in delivering comprehensive, innovative and understandable financial services products.

Innovation and digitisation has introduced real competition in the financial sector, improving outcomes for consumers and businesses, empowering each and everyone in their financial decision making.

Digital FinTech companies offering financial services are still subject to scattered regulations and requirements, preventing efficient growth of the sector.

Digital financial services can empower all to manage and maximise their money, payments or investments safely and securely.


Delivering better financial services for all.
Digital innovation can deliver better outcomes for all. By encouraging competition, empowering consumers to shop around and offering convenient alternatives to traditional banking, FinTech providers are fundamental to delivering user friendly innovation.
We will promote customer centric regulation, to build a fairer and more accessible financial services landscape

Promoting safe andsecure digital finance
Security is crucial to building trust in FinTech, and financial services as a whole.
We aim to support and promote the transparent use and protection of data, use our insights to help build efficient and convenient processes to combat illegal activities, and to work towards risk based and harmonized standards.

Building a trulydigital Single Market.
We support the development of a strong digital single market for financial services with consistent consumer protection standards, future proof regulation, and true competition that works for all.
By encouraging proportionate regulation that will support Georgian financial innovation and facilitating seamless market access, we believe Georgia can be a kick-start for global growth of FinTech companies.

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